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Hard to Find Account #, low voice quality

I was with Virgin Mobile for 4 years and found the voice quality and signal strength was not to my liking. Signal strength was always three ... Read Full Review

Service was always mediocre. Usually I got about 3 bars in the middle of Seattle, a major city...what is with that? Also the account number ... Read Full Review

Less is more

Fi is a little different than I am accustomed to. I start with the $20 basics (unlimited text and voice calls) each month then I add in 2GB ... Read Full Review

Liking it

Surprisingly good service, both cell coverage and customer service. I am single and just use one line, wanted something that was reliable and... Read Full Review


T Mobile does have a spotty connection when you get further out from St Louis. There customer service is top notch in my case. T Mobile also... Read Full Review

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