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Less is more

Fi is a little different than I am accustomed to. I start with the $20 basics (unlimited text and voice calls) each month then I add in 2GB of data for $20. Total puts me at $40. Here is where the niceness starts... if I do not use that data I get to keep it!Now after I used it for a couple months I am finding that it is really costing only costing me about $30 a month. This is spectacular as a single dad that needs lots of calling for babysitters and texting for work but can get my data from other sources.Specifically, for data and downloading I normally use Google Fiber or my work WiFi all of which are faster than any LTE anywhere. Calling and texting work amazingly well of WiFi too and it can even seamlessly hand off.Cons:-They could have handled existing Google Voice users better but no company is perfect.Pros:+Amazing phones (I have the Nexus 6P)+Prices are imminently reasonable+Uses TWO networks (T-Mobile and Sprint)Overall I am extremely pleased with Project Fi and it feels like the future of cellular service.[was-this-helpful id=50]