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Hard to Find Account #, low voice quality

I was with Virgin Mobile for 4 years and found the voice quality and signal strength was not to my liking. Signal strength was always three bars and I would lose signal and regain it while walking around a mall. The voice quality was never good enough for me to understand clearly what the person on the other end was saying. When I decided to switch and port my number over to my new cell phone provider, I had assumed my account number was my phone number, but discovered when I was porting my phone number that was not the case. I had to search online to find out how to find my account number without calling them.

Service was always mediocre. Usually I got about 3 bars in the middle of Seattle, a major city...what is with that? Also the account number is not readily available any where online. You have to call the customer service line, and then they ask a LOT of questions about why you need it. Customers should have access to their account information.

Moved, needed account #

The service was okay when I lived in the city. This week I moved way out into the middle of nowhere and they had no service. That was kind of expected but then when I needed my account number to transfer service to another company they basically would not give it to me :-(

BroadBand2Go used to be great

Virgin Mobile's BroadBand2Go used to be awesome when it first came out. They truly gave you unlimited data and the reception was pretty good in my area (small size town, but not out in the boonies).However, eventually they started throttling back the per month data. Right now it's at 6GB per month and we still do not have VM LTE in our area. It's just as well though because at least the slower 4G speeds keep me from eating through my data too fast.Also, they do not have the carryover data that T-Mobile and AT&T etc. have. To me, every carrier should have to carry over the data because as customers we all PAY for a 5GB or 6GB plan, and if we only use 1GB they never give us a discount... whereas if we go over they always charge us. Carrying over unused data is the only fair way to do things.Overall I still give VM B2G three stars because it is cheap and it works. But there is a lot of room for improvement!